State Heat Pump Water Heater SPX 50 DHPT

State SPX-50 Heat Pump Water Heater

The Premier® Hybrid Electric heat pump water heater from State is the most cost effective energy-efficient option available for consumers who want to save money on their utility bills. The Premier can reduce water heating costs up to 66% and provide payback in 2-3 years. With annual savings of $393 or more, there is no better way to go green than Premier.

For more details, call us at 802 453-2381, email Jackman’s or download the State Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater pdf.

How Do They Work?

  • Absorb ambient heat from the surrounding air to heat water using a compressor and environmentally-friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Self-contained heat pump unit is integrated into the top of the tank
  • Multiple operating modes to maximize efficiency and performance
  • Qualifies For Many State and Local Utility Rebates – Check

Increased Energy Efficiency

  • Improved efficiency designed in, to ensure available hot water at the lowest possible
  • Up to a 2.75 Energy Factor (EF) Rating conserves energy and meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications

Choice of Operating Modes

  • Select from Efficiency, Hybrid, or Electric modes to match heating requirements to
    environmental conditions. Hybrid mode automatically adjusts between compressor and element, depending upon heat requirements
  • Vacation mode reduces operating costs and provides freeze protection during extended absence

Backup Electric Elements

  • Long-lasting backup heating elements help heat water according to environmental conditions, demand, and the chosen
    operating mode Coregard™ Anode Rod
  • Our anode rods have a stainless steel core that extends the life of the anode rod allowing superior tank protection far longer than standard anode rods

Dry Fire Protection

  • Control system checks to ensure the tank is full of water during start up to prevent dry firing the heating elements

Electronic User Interface

  • User-friendly electronic interface allows easy control of temperature setting, operating mode, and communicates diagnostics
  • Easy to read temperature display (see back) shows temperature in °F or °C
  • Advanced diagnostics convey error messages for service purposes. The last four error messages are saved in the control system memory.

Other Features

  • Ideal for basements or garage installations; the compressor transfers heat to the water while dehumidifying and cooling the ambient air
  • Washable air filter is easily removed for routine cleaning

Ten Year Limited Warranty

  • For complete information, consult written warranty or contact State Customer Care Center