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Our company offers Budget Plans, Cap Pricing Plans and Pre-Buy Plans allowing our customers to budget costs for their total energy needs.

Products sold at Jackman’s of Bristol, Inc.:

We have retail pumps at our office for the diesel products. We do offer a discount if paid within ten days of the delivery.

We also have the ability and equipment to provide you with temporary heat should your furnace system fail during the winter.

Jackman’s of Bristol, Inc. Technical Staff have been Natural Gas Certified.

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This plan runs during the heating season, starting in August and finishes in June. The Budget plan allows the customer to have one monthly payment without finance charges accumulating. The dollar amount per year is determined by the amount of product that is used per heating year. The price of fuel changes from year to year. The budget payments are due by the 15th of every month and there is no discount, however, your price for the product will remain at the price you signed up for throughout the heating season.

Budget customers sign up during the pre-buy sale, which is typically held in July, with the first payment due August 15th. It is necessary to fill out a contract as we only have a certain number of gallons to sell and must tally daily so that we do not over sell.


This plan guarantees a set price per gallon during the heating season, which is arrived at by the amount of fuel, used the previous year. The total amount of fuel is paid for up front. The sale is typically held in July with payment due when contract is submitted. Prebuy fuel does not get delivered until September 1st, as that is when our contracts begin with our suppliers. All Pre-Buy Customers fuel is delivered on an automatic delivery schedule.

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All our Energy Products are delivered on an Automatic Delivery Schedule using the “Degree Day” System, with data gathered from the National Weather Service. This service is offered to credit approved customers. We do have a minimum delivery of 100 gallons.

If you are on a “Will Call” status, we need 5 business days to allow us to put you into our delivery schedule. Should you let yourself run out there will be a $100.00 delivery charge. We do have 24-hour service and pay an employee for the extra hours when on call.