About Us

The Jackman's Inc. TeamJackman’s Inc. has been in business since 1930, starting the Coal and Firewood Business as Jackman Coal & Coke Company by Glenn Jackman, in Bristol. His sons later came into business with him: Fred in 1946 and Glenn Jr. in 1950. Four of Glenn’s sons went into the heating business: Fred and Glenn in Bristol and later Charles and Ralph in Vergennes, after the “Thomas Mack Coal Co.” was purchased in Vergennes, and became Jackman Fuels, Inc. in 1938. In 1947, fuel oil was added to the products sold along with L.P. Gas in later years. In 1967, coal was no longer sold.

Fred Jackman became sole owner of Jackman’s Inc. when his brother Glenn Jr. died in 1974. He ran Jackman’s Inc. until his retirement in February of 1995, when he sold the business to his sons, Paul and Peter.

Jackman’s Inc. staff consists of our service coordinator and office staff, Tim Bouvier, Sharon Bushey is the bookkeeper, and Mary Purinton is in sales and office staff. Jim Hall and Steve Slicer are our propane drivers; Bryan Peck, Cory Burritt, Dan Crossman are our Service men; Dalton Sopchak, Jack Bodington and Chris Nelson are our new Service men, and Jason Briggs is in plumbing.

Our service staff Bryan, Jack, Cory and Dan install heating systems, gas hot water heaters, L.P. room heaters, handling all service oil, and L.P. Gas; Rinnai, Empire, Buderus, Miller, Smith Boilers and hot air furnaces.

Our service staff has completed the State of Vermont’s CETP Training (Certified Employee Training (Certified Employee Training Program), allowing us up to date knowledge of the L.P. Gas Business, and Silver Certificate for oil. Our service staff is also Natural Gas certified, A/C Licensed, and includes two Master Plumbers.

Jackman’s Inc. is a member of the “Vermont Oil Heat Institute”, as well as the “Vermont L.P. Gas Association”. We are also part of the “Vermont Fuel Dealers Association”. These organizations help our company with the latest training seminars and regulations that are ever changing in today’s Energy Market.

Our company is also a member of the “Credit Bureau Services of Vermont”, allowing us to maintain competitive prices by keeping on top of our receivables. We do have a policy in place that requires new customers to fill out a Credit Application prior to service or deliveries. Cash discounts are offered at $.10 per gallon if you pay for product within 10 days of delivery. We accept Visa and Master Card and Discover Card. We can enter you into a monthly budget/payment plan for repayment.

Our company offers Budget Plans and Pre-Buy Plans allowing our customers to budget costs for their total Energy needs along with automatic Credit card plans.

Products sold at Jackman’s Inc. #2 Fuel, Kerosene, LP Gas, Wood Pellets, Bio Heat, On and Off Road Diesel, Bio On /Off Road Diesel, and Firewood. We have retail pumps at our office for the diesel products. We do offer a discount if paid with ten days of the delivery.

We also have the ability and equipment to provide you with temporary heat should your furnace system fail during the winter and parts have to be ordered.